Here’s a incomplete ;- list of presentations i held over the last years

YearEeventCo- presenterPresentation name
2020E2EVC HybridChris TwiestCitrix Microapps for the Win
2020Citrix ConvergeJeroen VonkTransitioning from VDI to Citrix Workspace
2020DuCUGChris TwiestMicro Apps, we show how to build them (BYOD)
2019DuCUGWilco van BragtCitrix FAS, the good the bad and the ugly
2018E2EVCMick GloverCitix Workspace Cloud
2017DuCUGThe joy and pain of implementing a Windows 10 VDI environment
2016DuCUGPatrick KaakICA vs. RP
2015DuCUGCitrix VDI in a BOX
2014E2EVCCitrix VDI in a BOX

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