Error creating first bot (Power virtual agents) in trial environment

Error creating first bot (Power virtual agents) in trial environment

For a certification I’m trying to achieve, I was playing around with AI Chatbots to see how they work. A colleague pointed me to a nice walkthrough by Microsoft on how to create a basic chatbot:

After starting the tutorial you have to set up Power Virtual Agents. That works by browsing to this URL: and logging in with your Azure tenant username/password. Then the trial should then create a bot after filling out a a bit of information

but in my case it gave an error: We ran into a problem creating your bot!

The reason behind the error is there needs to be a database deployed to host the information regarding the chatbots but this isn’t created during the setup wizard. So there is a small catch22 there :-). Luckily there is a solution…

Log on to: and click on environments. Select your environment and click on it. You should see a screen similar to this as you can see the database is not created and you can create it here by clicking add database

After clicking on add database you get a screen with some details regarding the setup of the database

For now leave the default and click add. It will then create the database and you can see the state switching to preparing instance.

After the state is changed to ready you can run the wizard and the chatbot should be created 🙂 Hope this helps someone as I scratched my head to fix this for a bit!

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