Error importing devices in Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune)

Error importing devices in Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune)

Recently a we ran into a strange problem when we tried to enroll an older laptop in Microsoft Enpoint Manager Autopilot. The fun began when we exported the device serial number and tried to import it into Intune, o sorry I mean Microsoft Endpoint Manager, still can’t get used to that name :-).

Pro-tip: If you have any questions regarding the Autopilot onboarding process, I suggest you read this awesome blog by Robin Hobo (

When we imported the CSV that contained the device serial number we where greeted with an error:

“Check your .csv file with your device provider. One of the devices on your list has been claimed by another organization”

After scratching our head about the error, we looked at where the laptop could be claimed so we could ‘free it’. After a while we found that the laptop was used in an Azure trial subscription three years earlier. It took a while to recover the login credentials for that subscription, as you can imagine.

So the solution would be to remove the serial from that subscription, but then we ran into another problem. The Azure tenant subscription was expired so we couldn’t remove it from the autopilot enrollment:

The other solution would be to remove it from the Microsoft Store for Business, but that posed another problem. Because the Trial Azure tenant was created using a *** E-mail address we couldn’t use that emailadres to log into the microsoft store for business as an admin. Microsoft only allows company domains to log on to the Microsoft Business Store for Business.

So in the end we created a new tenant admin [email protected] and made this acount global admin. With that account we could log on to the Microsoft Store for Business and after removing the device from the old Autopilot environment:

We could import the csv and auto enrollment could begin. It might not seem a big theme for most people, but for the people who encounter this I hope this blog will help you with issue! If you have no idea where to what organisation a laptop might be connected, raising a call with our friends at Microsoft might help!

Thanks to my buddy @vEUCaddict for addressing the issue!

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